Alli Ryan, BS, SBD, CCE, CLC

Experience and


  • Bachelors of Science in Biology with Emphasis in Education
  • Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula - Stillbirthday
  • DONA International Trained - Birth and Postpartum
  • Certified Childbirth Educator - Aviva College of Midwifery
  • Certified Lactation Counselor
  • 10+ years serving birth and families
  • 100+ births
  • 40+ postpartum
  • Member of Madison Doula Collective
  • DONA approved TENS for Labor Support trained
  • Rebozo trained, Rebozo Connection: The Gina Kirby Method
  • 100+ hours continuing education on topics of birth, breastfeeding, newborn care, early childhood, and family support
  • RTS Trainer Trained
  • Member Madison Grief Leadership Board
  • PALS Monthly Blog  Contributor
  • UW Madison Guest Speaker
  • Last, but not least, a mama  

Birth is diverse, just like we are. I have experience supporting VBAC, twins, high-risk, pregnancy after loss, NICU, conception challenges, IUI or IVF, same-sex partnerships, adoption, mood disorders, traumatic life experiences, and military families

Philosophy and

about Me

My professional work has evolved from supporting women, at-risk youth, and preschool aged children. I have always had the spirit of a calm caregiver and birth work continues to be an amazing cohesion of my experience and education. I enjoy supporting a family on their journey to parenthood by offering choice, encouraging self reflection, providing science and research, instilling confidence, and recognizing the important role emotion has along the way. It is important to me that I support birth and family diversity, in all its definitions. I am also overjoyed to learn and grow as a parent to my own little loves in an amazing team with my military husband. When we aren't adventuring around Madison together, I love thrift shopping, baking, the outdoors, making messy art or home projects, and staying up late watching documentaries on Netflix.

"We feel so blessed to have had Alli help us with Oliver's birth! She actually came in at the last minute because our doula was out of town and I really feel everything happens for a reason. She was wonderful. I was very nervous after a less than great first birth and her kind, calm influence was fantastic. We can not say enough good things about Alli! We will always be grateful she was a part of that crazy, amazing night in August." ~ Megan

"Alli was an amazing resource to have throughout my entire pregnancy and birth. She answered every question kindly and thoughtfully. I really felt taken care of. My husband was thrilled with the doula experience as well. After some initial resistance, he kept saying, "I'm so glad we have Alli, I'm so glad we have Alli!" As someone who had the goal of an intervention-free birth, I am so happy we decided to hire a doula. I honestly think my labor would have gone differently without her there guiding and reassuring us. In addition, Alli's postpartum support helped me through a stressful transition to motherhood. I truly loved the experience of having a doula and can't wait to hire Alli for any future babies we may be blessed with!"

~ Amanda

"Alli was -- and is -- fantastic. She guided us through our labor beautifully; we always felt we were in good hands with her before, during and after labor. I loved that she was into the science and evidence behind things and provided a lot of evidence-based information. She and Matt worked well together in the delivery room and they were such amazing support for me. And the three of us together were a wonderful team." ~ Lia

"We were so grateful for the peace & gentleness Alli brought to our labor & childbirth. She was very calming & always had an encouraging word whenever appropriate. She read the mood of the room & responded accordingly. She offered many suggestions of positioning & ways to relax during contractions. She stayed up all night with me & even slept on a chair in between my contractions! In the end, we had a cesarean (which she was able to attend) & I felt emotionally supported throughout the entire process. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to hire a doula. We are big Alli fans ;)" ~Sarah

"Alli was truly incredible. Throughout my labor, she was a calm but guiding presence. She helped me look within myself for strength and focus, and encouraged me to follow my instincts and trust my body. She was unbelievably in tune with my needs and wants, even when I was primarily nonverbal during the hard moments of labor. She held my hand and helped me focus when it was time to bring our sweet girl into this world. Alli is unbelievably good at what she does. She has a serene and gentle demeanor and that was invaluable to me during labor/birth. My labor and birth were wonderful, magical. A large part of that is because of the incredibly talented, trustworthy, kind women (especially Alli) that were there to help me." ~Erin

What Clients Say About My Services

"We have been fortunate to work with Alli Ryan in many different aspects of her doula expertise. We have experienced her services as antepartum, birth, and postpartum doula (with our first child), bereavement (with our second child), and now again as we await the arrival of our third "rainbow" child. Each time we have sought Alli's expertise she has displayed nothing but the utmost degree of professionalism and compassion. She brings her wealth of knowledge and experience with her along with her huge heart and genuine care for her clients. Alli is the perfect guide, presenting options and choices, but never pushing or persuading, and always respecting the choices you make for yourself and your child. She makes certain you feel informed and understand "doctor-speak," and does everything she can to help the birth become the best experience possible for you. We could not have asked for anything more in our doula."

~ Lanette