Quarterly Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Meetings for Birth and Family Professionals

We come together in an informal discussion on ways to better serve our community, current works, and how we can support one another.

Next meeting:

January 25th, 2016 6:30pm - 8 pm

6117 Monona Drive, Suite 5

Monona, WI 53716

Contact me to reserve your spot and share your important work.

Bereavement Doula Support - Free (Gifts of Support are welcome)

First of all, I am so sorry for your loss. I provide labor support during miscarriages, stillbirths or other traumatic birth experiences. I understand these losses and the feelings that go along with them, both during the loss and in subsequent pregnancies. My husband and I have together lost six babies to miscarriage and our daughter Vivian to stillbirth. As your doula, I am there to provide support during the labor/delivery of your baby(ies). I can provide education about choices concerning memorial or funeral arrangements and various keepsake options. I am also there to support and educate your care providers and other family members to ensure you are treated with compassion and understanding. As a woman with personal loss experience, I provide both emotional and physical support during the labor, delivery and postpartum period. Though the outcome during the birth experience of a baby born sleeping or a miscarriage is different than those of "normal" childbirths, it is still labor. A woman's body and mind still experience many of the same changes. I am able to make references to support groups and counselors as necessary. After the physical recovery, I am available for emotional long term support via email, phone, facebook, or personal meetings if necessary.

As of March 2015 I have supported 40 families during bereaved births/miscarriages. I have been a postpartum bereavement resource for over 150 women. References are available and welcome.

I Support Birth Diversity.

Please feel free to print and/or review this brochure for more information about local resources I specialize in the support of a family in subsequent pregnancies as well. Please see my Services page to learn more about these doula services.

Alli Ryan, BS, SBD, CCE, CLC

Bereavement Training and Consulting

I am so honored and excited to offer professional training to birth and family professionals. I offer customized training for your specific practice using my training with Resolve Through Sharing, Stillbirthday, and Aviva College of Midwifery.

Please contact me to inquire about informal opportunities for bereavement training, discussion, and support.